Can I Bring Flowers Across the US-Canada Border?

If you are visiting or vacationing in Canada in the near future from the United States, there are many border restrictions you should be aware of when it comes to bringing anything into the country. Screen Shot 2012 08 22 at 5.02.36 PM 300x250 Can I Bring Flowers Across the US Canada Border?

Most of these restrictions deal with live animals and plants, including flowers. This is to prevent the spread of pests and disease than can affect produce, animals, people and plants or flowers in Canada.

Restrictions for bringing flowers into Canada from the US

Most cut flowers are allowed into Canada from the United States when crossing the border. However, there are a couple of restrictions. For example, there are restrictions on bringing flowers into Canada that are meant for propagation, and there are restrictions on bringing coniferous (evergreen trees such as pine and cedar) foliage and cones into Canada.

These restrictions are in place mostly because these types of plant material could be infested with the gypsy moth or various pine beetle species, which can wreak havoc on Canada’s native coniferous trees. The restrictions on these types of plants and foliage also include decorations such as Christmas trees or holiday wreaths made of these materials.

Live plants cannot be brought into Canada. In addition, wooden products need to be carefully inspected to make sure they they do not have any bark on them or evidence of any insect activity for them to be allowed into Canada.

If you are concerned about what can be allowed into Canada from the United States, visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s Automated Import Reference System website here
to look up each individual product and view the restrictions if any.

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